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Year-Round Indoor Leagues

Leagues Updates

Winter 2 Leagues are starting January 22, 2022, for U4 - U16! 

Sunday Men's league: currently in season

Sunday Co-Ed league: New season starts April 10, 2022 

Monday Men's League: currently in season 

Tuesday Women's League: new seasons starts March 8, 2022 | Next season: April 26, 2022

Wednesday Co-Ed League: April 6 - May 11 | Next season: May 25, 2022 

Wednesday Men's Premier: currently in season

Thursday Men's League: currently in season

Friday Men's League: currently in season

Interested in learning more about our adult leagues or bringing a team, text or call  469-650-2074.

Upcoming Tournament

Tournament Rules 

  • 7v7 Co-ed
  • 3 girls minimum and maximum 4 guys on the field 
  • Max roster: 12 players 
  • Group stage: 15 minutes halves 
  • Championship game: 20 minutes halves 
  • 4 fouls: a shoot-out
  • Blue card: 2 minutes sit-out 
  • Yellow card: 5 minutes sit-out 
  • 2 blue cards by the same player = 5-minute yellow 
  • Red card: out of the tournament 
  • No sliding, no cleats, no punting 
  • 3 line rule 
  • No outs or stop play when the net is hit 

Sign Up Today!

Are you new to the area or looking for a team to join?

We have created an online player pool for current teams to pick up players for the upcoming season. Just click the button below, add your information and a team manager will contact you!

Player Pool Sheet

FAQs on Adult Leagues 

  • The leagues are 7v7. 6 on the field with a goalie. 
    • Co-Ed Leagues are required to have a minimum of 3 girls and a max of 4 guys on the field. There can be more girls if necessary. 
  • IDs must be purchased annually and need to be pick-up at the front for each game you come to play.
    • IDs are $25 annually. If in college, the id is free. Must show proof. 
  • Team fees are $550. 6 games in a season and 1 post-season game. 7 games in total. 
  • The roster should be finalized by 3rd game of the season. No max number in the roster.
  • Game confirmations are sent through text at the moment. (We are working on an online system.)
  • Indoor or Turf shoes only. 
  • No sliding, no cleats, no punting 
  • 3 line rule 
  • No outs or stop play when the net is hit 
  • 20 minutes halves 

Youth Leagues U4-U16

We have various opportunities for coaches to bring their team to our fields. The majority of the games are on Saturday, but there are evenings game throughout the week. 

7v7 Adult Leagues

We welcome all types of skill levels in our various adult leagues. 

Monday: Men's

Tuesday: Women's

Wednesday: Co-Ed, Men's Premier

Thursday: Men's 

Friday: Men's

Sunday: Co-Ed, Men's

Field Rentals

We have the opportunity for coaches, trainers or others to rent our large and small fields. Fields can be used for practices, scrimmages, or games. 

Fill out a contact form for more information on availability.